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Fixed Displacement Piston Pump

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Fixed Displacement Piston Pump A2F

● Variable displacement pump, axial piston, bent axis design, for hydrostatic transmissions in open circuits.

● The flow if proportional to the drive speed and the displacement and is steplessly variable at constant drive speed...

Products Details

This is the description of Fixed Displacement Piston Pump

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Products Specifications:

Fixed Displacement Piston Pump/Motor OS-A2F

●  Axial plunger element, with fixed displacement, used as hydrostatic drive pump or motor in open or closed loop.
●  As a pump, the flow rate is proportional to the driving speed and displacement.
●  As a motor, the output speed is proportional to the flow rate and inversely proportional to the displacement.
●  The output torque increases with the pressure difference between the high pressure side and the low pressure side.

Special Features
●  The rotor assembly of the spherical valve has the advantages of automatic, high efficiency, low peripheral speed.
●  Durable ball bearings and roller bearings for long life work.
●  The drive shaft can bear radial load.
●  ISO mounting flange, consistent with the A6V variable motor.

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