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Hydraulic Flow Control Valve

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Z2FS10 Double Throttle Check Valve

Double throttle/check valve type Z2FS…30 Valve type Z2FS is a double throttle/check valve with sandwich plate structure. It is used to control the flow by changing the throttling. In the opposite direction, fluid flow freely via check valve. For Z2FS 10, depending on the installation position,......

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Products Specifications:

Double throttle/check valve type Z2FS…30

Valve type Z2FS is a double throttle/check valve with sandwich plate structure.
It is used to control the flow by changing the throttling. In the opposite direction, fluid flow freely via check valve. For Z2FS 10, depending on the installation position, the throttling effect may be arranged as a meter-in or a meter-out control. While for Z2FS16 and 22, depending on the model (S or S2) throttling may take place in either meter-in or meter-out, and at the same time the two operating oil chamber are connected.



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